Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

Pro and Searching Contra Internet

Sometimes the internet is still a matter of debate. However, everyone must admit that the Internet is very useful and very necessary. But the lack of Internet also makes some people less so agree with the use of the Internet.

In the current era of globalization is the Internet could not be separated from our lives. From students, students, teachers, professors, entrepreneurs, and employees also need a good internet to find information and to exchange information.

For those who have family outside the area until tinngal overseas exchange information via email. There is also a social networking site like facebook, myspace, or twitter that can be used to establish friendships across the region.

But for people Internet beberepa often misused by people who are not responsible. They use the Internet rather than to exchange information but instead use it for things that do not like the site prostotusi indecent. There are also students who waste time learning to play online games or online social networking sites for hours and hours to forget the time. Some Internet users also became too busy with the Internet sehinnga time for mempnyai not bersosalialisasi with the people around it.

Therefore we as Internet users must be clever-clever sort out which useful or not.

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