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several photos of earthquakes:

Jumat, 22 Januari 2010

The Earthquakes

Earthquake is the one of disaster which often occur in Indonesia. Earthquakes always cause material losses and casualties Indonesia is surrounded by Eurasia plaque, Indo-Australia plaque and Pasific plaque. That is why in Indonesia is always come earthquake. Earthquake occur when earth making activities. Earth’s plaques moves and try to equalize the earth, because the substance of earth always try to equalize each other. When the earth’s plaques meet each other, they will crash, and it can cause vibratrion in a big or small scale, that is called earthquake.

Earthquake can cause landslide or in a big scale it can cause tsunami. Several earthquake have occurred in Indonesia such as:

· Thrusday, Octeber 1st, 2009 earthquake in Jambi. Scale: 7 SR.

· Wenesday, September 30th, 2009 eartahquake in West Sumatra . Scale: 7,6 SR. The victim through 529 people from data October 1st, 2009.

· Saturday, Septenber 19th, 2009 with scale 7,3 SR. It happened in Tasikmalaya, West Java. The earthquake has killed 46 people and more than 100 have been injured.

· December 26th, 2004 A terrifying earthquake which happened in Aceh and surroundings that have caused tsunamis. It also happened in several country except Indonesia. 131.029 people has killed and thousand people had lost. This was the big disaster that Indonesia ever passed. Until now many people in Aceh are still traumatized.

· May 27th, 2006. Earthquake occurred in Yogyakarta Special Territory. Scale: 6,2 SR. More than 3.000 people has killed. There was a tsunami issue but it was not happened. Acctually earthquake not only often happen in Indonesia but also in another country like Japan. But Japan can handle and contend this problem and minimize property losses and casualties.

Recently there was a big earthquake in Haiti (January 12th, 2010) with Scale 7,3 SR. The center of earthquake was in the dept 10 km and the distance was 16 km from Haiti. Thousand people has killed in this disaster.

In this case we should find the solution to minimize the effect of ear6thquake such as simulastion and teach how to behave when the earthquake occur. So, we can minimize the victim of earthquake.

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