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Genre :Drama

Director :Roland Emmerich, Mark Gordon, Harald Kloser

Film by :Columbia Pictures

Duration :157 minutes

Actor :

John Cusack -'Jackson Curtis'
Chiwetel Ejiofor - 'Adrian Helmsley'

Oliver Platt - 'Carl Anheuser'

Danny Glover - 'President Thomas Wilson'

Woody Harrelson - 'Charlie Frost'

Chin Han - 'Tenzin'

'Liam James - 'Noah Curtis'

Zlatko Buric - 'Yuri Karpov'
Johann Urb - 'Sasha'

Tom McCarthy - 'Gordon Silberman

Actress :

Amanda Peet - 'Kate Curtis'
Thandie Newton - 'Laura Wilson'
Morgan Lily - 'Lilly Curtis'
Beatrice Rosen - 'Tamara'

Directed By :Roland Emmerich

Screenplay By: Roland Emmerich and Harald Kloser

Producers :Harald Kloser, Mark Gordon and Larry Franco

Executive Producers: Roland Emmerich, Ute Emmerich and Michael Wimer

Director of Photography: Dean Semler

Production Designer: Barry Chusid

Editors: David Brenner and Peter S Elliot

Music By: Harald Kloser and Thomas Wander


  • Harald Kloser
  • Roland Emmerich

From the director of “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Independence Day” this film became so booming.

Never before has a date became so significant to so many cultures,so many religion, scientist, and governments. A global catalysm brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle survivors.

Summary of the movie:

Williams Helmsley, the young scientist , who have partner with Satnam to have a project research about the situation of the world and the found something wrong which going on to the earth. The earth begin very hot and even the water in the earth was boiling.

Helmsley report the result to the Mr. aAnheusur. The result tells that the big disaster or the end of the world will near to come. And the government make some secret mission to build a ship which can survive from the big disaster.

On the other hand, Jackson Curtis, an author of Farewe Atlantis, who has picnic with his two kids in the Yellowstone Nationa Park. But they were

Jackson Curtis and his kids met Adrian Helmsley. Adrian Helmsley was sureprisad because he is a fan of farewell atlantis. Adrian Hemsley has the US army to another place for picnic. When Jackson Curtis has a picnic with his son and his daughter, Noah and Lily, Jackson meet a stranger old man, named Charlie Frost, who tell to him about the end of the world, about the judgement day. He also has a map which shows the place where it is safe from the big disaster. He tells that there are big ships was built by government.

For the first time Jackson Curtis doesn’t believe with him. He guess that Charlie is a crazy man. But the next day when he knows from his boss’s sons that they have a ticket for a big ship, and Curtis began to suspect especially when the disaster worse California. Curtis hired a plane to escape from the California.

Curtis went home to fetch his wife, Kate, and their children to escape from California. Gordon, Kate’s boyfriend also comes with them and they have a flight with Gordon as a pilot. They landed in a place to look for Charlie to ask for a map. After ges many distractions Curtis can find the map then they go to the town because they ned a boig plane to have a flight to China.

At the town Jackon Curtis and his family are premitad to have a flight to China because Gordon is a Co. pilot who can help the pilot, Shasa. But when they reach Cina over the sea plane to land because of engine damage. Shasa try to handle the pilot while the other passengers try to get out from the plane. But unfortunately Shasa has died.

Yuri, Cutis’s boss got a lift from a passing helicopter and then Yuri and his sons went with the helicopter. and he even leave his girlfriend because he knew that Tamara has a relationship with Shasa.

On the way Curtis and family meet Nima and his grandma and grangpa. Then they go together to the big ship. Nima Has a brother, named, Tenzin who will take them to go in to the ship.

At the same situation, Adrian at the ship gets bad news that Satnam will be crushed by a wave of water from the east. Adrian sad and disappointed to know that Satnam not get a ride on ships. He try to make sure to Mr. Anheusur to open the ship’s door in order that the people who stay outside could enter to the ship. But when the door opened hydraulic pump jammed. Adrian tried to see the position of the pump and saw Adrian computer intruders. Adrian knows that the one of the intruders is Jackson, his favorit author whom he meet at Yellowstone National Park. doors must be closed because soon there will be a big wave that will hit the ship. For that Adrian Curtis asked for help to fix hydraulic pump. Curtis and Noah try to improve the hydraulic pump. Curtis eventually be overcome and the door can be closed. All people on board survived the big waves came.

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hollywoodstreams June 18, 2009Never before has a date in history been so significant to so many cultures, so many religions, scientists, and g...
hollywoodstreams June 18, 2009Never before has a date in history been so significant to so many cultures, so many religions, scientists, and governments. A global cataclysm brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors.
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Official Adam Lambert "Time For Miracles" Music Video for 2012. In Theaters 11/13


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from soundtrack of the princess and the frog. THIS IS THE VIDEO FROM NE YO. MY FAVORIT SONG. ENJOY IT!!!

The Princess & the Frog - Ne-Yo "Never Knew I Needed"