Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010

English Assignment From Look Ahead Page 106

Part B

  1. In spite of all my careful plans , a lot of things went wrong.
  2. Although I love music, I can’t play a musical instrument.
  3. In spite of being very tired, we kept on walking.
  4. Although the heat was turned all the way up, the house was still cold.
  5. Keith decided to quit his job although I advised not to do so.

Part C

  1. Although he work overtime, he wasn’t particularly well paid.
  2. Although he was not very good for it. I recognized him from a photograph.
  3. I didn’t wear a raincoat although it was hard rain.
  4. We’d better invite her to the party although she couldn’tcome to the party.
  5. Although I didn’t get it, I managed to mae my self understand.
  6. He was late although he got up earlier.

Part D

  1. Although he’s got a French name, he is in fact an American.(despite)

In spite of his French name, he is in fact an American.

  1. In spite of her injured foot, she managed to walk home.(although)

Although her foot got injure, she managed to walk home.

  1. I decided to accept the job although the salary was low. (in spite of)

I decided to accept the job in spite of the low salary.

  1. I’ll keep dong the work although it may cause me a lot of suffering. (whatever)

I’ll keep dong the work whatever a lot of suffering can caused.

  1. In spite of being very busy, we never forget to pray everyday. (no matter how)

No matter we are being very busy, we never forget to pray everyday.

  1. In spite of not having eaten for 24 hours, I didn’t feel hungry. (eventhough)

Eventhough I haven’t eating for 24 hours, I didn’t feel hungry.

  1. We lost the match although we were the better team. (despite)

We lost the match in spite of our better team.

  1. It is impossible to finish the work. Thet still try hard to finish it. (even if)

Even if It is impossible to finish the work, they still try hard to finish it.

  1. He was trying to smile. He failed his exams. (in spite of)

He was trying to smile in spite of his faied exams.

  1. Tono attended his friend’s party. Her mother was ill. (though)

Tono attended his friend’s party though her mother was ill



Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

Pro and Searching Contra Internet

Sometimes the internet is still a matter of debate. However, everyone must admit that the Internet is very useful and very necessary. But the lack of Internet also makes some people less so agree with the use of the Internet.

In the current era of globalization is the Internet could not be separated from our lives. From students, students, teachers, professors, entrepreneurs, and employees also need a good internet to find information and to exchange information.

For those who have family outside the area until tinngal overseas exchange information via email. There is also a social networking site like facebook, myspace, or twitter that can be used to establish friendships across the region.

But for people Internet beberepa often misused by people who are not responsible. They use the Internet rather than to exchange information but instead use it for things that do not like the site prostotusi indecent. There are also students who waste time learning to play online games or online social networking sites for hours and hours to forget the time. Some Internet users also became too busy with the Internet sehinnga time for mempnyai not bersosalialisasi with the people around it.

Therefore we as Internet users must be clever-clever sort out which useful or not.