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english assigment

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie(2004)
(SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidwards as heroes)

Once upon a time, when Mr.Krab counted money in Krusty Krab, there’s police came into Krusty Krab. They delegated by King Neptune to imprison Mr.Krab. King Neptune accuse Mr.Krab was a culprit who has stolen his crown.
Mr. Krab couldn’t do anything. He cried to SpongeBob and Squidwards who were working,
“SpongeBob, Squidwards, help me please!” cried Mr. Krab.
Mr. Krab has brought by the police. SpongeBob was very confused. He didn’t know what he has to do.
“Squidwards, what we have to do to save Mr. Krab?” asked SpongeBob.
“Yeah . . . Yeah . . .” Squidward looked like didn’t care anymore. “I just mant to relax without him.”
“But, without him you’ll loose your job!” explained SpongeBob.
Squidwards quite. SpongeBob bored waiting for Squidward decision. He went away and intend to looked for Patrick.
Finaly, He found Patrick at the road. He did nothing. SpongeBob approached him and explained what was happened with Mr. Krab.
“We must help Mr. Krab, Patrick!” said SpongeBob on fire.
“Do we will become heroes?” asked Patrick interested.
“Yeah, sure! Do you agree?” asked SpongeBob.
“Okay!” Patrick agreed.
Then both of them went home to prepared whatever they needed. After that, they ready went to Shell City to save Mr. Krab.
“Can we taste ice cream at Shell City?” asked Patrick.
If we can save Mr. Krab, you can eat ice cream as much as you want.” answered SpongeBob.
“Yeah . . .” grumbled Patrick.
Finally, Spongebob and Patrick arrived at Shell City. Both of them sureprised when they saw Plankton at Shell City.
“What are you doing here?” aked SpongeBob.
“Oh, I will go to King Neptune’s palace. I want to give my evidence for what Mr. Krab has done.” answered Plankton. Then he went away left SpongeBob and Patrick.
“I suspect with him, SpongeBob.” said Patrick.
“Forget it, Patrick! We should go on to save Mr. Krab.”
They went on and went on.
“Stop, SpongeBob! I need to take a rest, I’m tired. Is the King Neptune’s palace still far?” asked Patrick.
“No! No, it isn’t. But if you want to take a rest we can stay here for awhile.” said SpongeBob.
When they took a rest, SpongeBob saw something glitter. SpongeBob approached it and then he coul see it. Suddenly, he realized that it was looked like crown.
“Patrick, come here! See what I found!” shouted SpongeBob loudly.
“What is that?” asked Patrick.
“I though that it is a crown. King Neptune’s crown, Patrick.” shouted SpongeBob gladly.
“Wow, we will become heroes and get much ice cream.” said Patrick while smiled.
“Okay, we must continued our trip. Then we will give this to King Neptune and Mr. Krab will save.” said SpongeBob.
SpongeBob and Patrick began to continued their trip to King Neptune’s Palace.

# # #

At the palace. . .

“What the fair punishment we should fall to this cuprit?” asked King Neptune while looked at Mr. Krab.
All of palace accupant together in the prominent room of palace, include Plankton to saw what King Neptune would do to Mr. Krab.
“We better take all of his money!” shouted Plankton.
“No! No, King Neptune! Don’t take my money. You may kill me but don’t take my money. Please! Huhuhu. . . “ cried Mr. Krab.
“Yeah . . . I like this. He has to die! He has to sentenced to death!”
“Yeah . . . “ scream all of palace occupant.
“Wait!” suddenly SpongeBob and Patrick came in. They succeed move stealthily.
“Oh, look! What did you two do here?” asked Plankton.
“King Neptune, we found your crown at the road. We came to come it back to you, because we knows that it’s yours.” explained SpongeBob.
“How could you found it?! I had thrown it at the road?!” said Plankton anger.
“What did you say Plankton?” asked King Neptune surprised, and also all of palace occupant, include SpongeBob and Patrick.
“No, King Neptune. I mean . . . “ Plankton confused. He couldn’t make a reason.
Unexpectedly, Squidwards came and he brought a robot. The robot was similar with Mr. Krab.
“King Neptune, I had found it at behind Plankton. I though that he used this to stolen your crown and you would guess that it was Mr. Krab.” explained Squidward.
Then King Neptune knew the truly. King Neptune decided to punished Plankton. He also apologized to Mr. Krab. Mr. Krab didn’t forgot to said thanks to SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidwards.
“I didn’t suppose that you willing to helped Mr. Krab.” Said spongebob to Squidwards.
“Yeah . . . I just didn’t want to lost my job.” answered Squidwards.
“Hahaha . . . “ they laughed happily.

# # #

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